Racism and Discrimination within Public Schools

Our students should be able to obtain an education in a safe environment no matter what color they are.

About Me =) January 19, 2008

   I am a 22 year old Comparative Ethnic Studies (CES) major from Seattle Washington.  My first major of interest was Elementary Education, but I felt that learing about different issues involving many different kinds of people, cultures, traditions, and more, was something that I needed to become a successful school teacher since I plan on teaching in a largely diverse community.  I will be able to spread my knowledge to many young children and hopefully help to start them off on the right path to becoming successful young men and women.  Some random stuff about me…I two two kitties T’zymba (Simba) and Martinni, my favorite colors are chocolate brown and blue, and I hate snow.  As mentioned before I am from Seattle…the real one (not from the areas around it…LOL).  Some of my hobbies are running, cooking, watching Food Network, watching good movies, and reading (though this does not include text books).     


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