Racism and Discrimination within Public Schools

Our students should be able to obtain an education in a safe environment no matter what color they are.

In Your Face!!! May 1, 2008

Here are a few facts on how racism affects minority students within public education systems today.

                  – Unequal distirbution of academic opportunities and programs. “Students of color have less access to advanced classes or programs for gifted students” Applied Research Center (2000)

                 – “African American students especially, along with Latinos and Native Amercian students are suspended or expelled in numbers vastly diproportionate to those of their white peers.” Applied Research Center (2000)

                -“Nationally, more than 3million students are suspended from school each year.” (www.idea.gselsa.ucla.edu)

                -In the 1950’s black and white students were not able to attend the same schools.  It was not until the late 1950’s that schools in the south were integrated.  Brown vs. Board of education paved the way for integrated schools and equal opportunities for students of color. 



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